Playing in

Transverse Flutes do not have a windway like recorders. So, it does not need such a long playing in time as a recorder.

Nevertheless it is advisable to play your flute not longer than half an hour in the first week and not longer than one hour in the second week.


To prevent bending or cracking do not store your Flute for a longer Time in an environment with less than 45% humidity. Air moisture?


In the last working step all instruments from the Flute Workshop B.J.GLAUSER are oiled additional with Tung Oil to protect them from moisture.

Tung oil does not tend to ignite spontaneous in combination with cotton or paper. (in contrast to linseed oil)

Normally it is enough to oil your Instrument once or twice a year.

For Hardwood like Grenadilla or Palisander I recommend to use spezial Silikon Woodwind Oil or Almond oil.

Oiling process:

     1.     Do not play your Instrument for at least 24 hours.

     2.     Remove the Tuning-Cork and Key. (First measure the distance to the center of the embouchure hole)

     3.     Put enough oil at the inside of all flute parts.

     4.     Spread the oil with an oiling Brush.(small bottle brush)

     5.     Let the oil „dry out“ for  2 hours.

     6.     Remove all the remaining oil very tidy.

     7.     Clean the embouchure hole and the tone holes with Q-Tips.

     8.     Let the Flute dry for 24 hours before mounting the Key and tuning cork.

Flute Care & Maintenance